The Week in Links🗞️📰🌐🗣️… Autism, Politics, Music 1/31/21

Turns out Dr. Jill Biden wrote a book on dyslexia in the military.

Brian William’s debut as a stand up comic. Yes, this Brian Williams.

New Jersey town launches yet another police registry for autists… We are not the problem. Killer cops are. You DO realize there is no registry of abusive, violent, or killer cops in America, right?

Amazing Twitter thread… Typical neurotypical solution to autistic disability… “Here’s a neato new expensive technology… So you can be more like us… And less like, ya know, you’re… autistic… self.”

Holy. Shit. Neil Diamond 80. I am so fucking old…

Tips for parents who want to keep their autistic children safe from sexual predators.

Even if they are removing support from Trump & some Republicans. Corporations are NOT saving democracy They’re just buying it. Just as they always have… Since they were invented.

Don’t believe the lie.” British study says kids in school DO spread #Covid19.

Autistic Grandma tells what it was like to be kicked out of a cult.

On Trans Representation in books & film.

Why it’s hard to deprogram
Trump conspiracy theorists.

Dramatic water rescue video of autistic boy in New Zealand.

Even tech geeks feel the isolation in the time of #Covid19.

LSD Promotes Social Behavior Via Protein That Is Linked To Autism, Study Finds My own experiences with LSD as an autist.

The war in #YemenCantWait.

#FuckSia for her anti-autistic film Music.

Every autist should know about Hans Asperger… Nazi colluder… Abuser… Murderer.

When it comes to free speech… Do you trust Facebook & Google to defend you? Srsly…? Lol

This Facebook group keeps up on global news about autism & the police.

This Facebook group tracks global reports of missing autists.

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