Designing My Home Around Adult Autism: Pt. 2 – 7 Survival Principles

Finally learning to create a place of safety, peace, and passionate work…

Did more than keep me out of psych wards. It kept me alive. No joke.

If you’re autistic, love one, work with some… or just can’t figure out if you are one… You really, *really * need to think about where you live…


“Designing My Home Around Adult Autism: Pt. 2 – 7 Survival Principles” To download, click on 3 dots at left.

Fanning The Flames: #AutisticJoy in the Classroom – Live Talk, s2e5

Live presentation, Intersectional Inifinity Conferencce.

A little funny. A little bittersweet. And a lotta sly insight from this former class clown…

Let’s kick Autistic April off with a squeal… w/transcript.More

Play “Fanning The Flames: #AutisticJoy in the Classroom – Live Talk, s2e5” (56:16). Download at 3 dots on right.

Selective Mutism: I Have No Mouth. But I Must SCREAM… s02e03/transcript

“Are you okay? Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY?” Like they’re talking to a Japanese tourist. And if they just shout loud enough… he’ll understand English…

But I’m autistic. And can’t speak. When they unload me from the ambulance & into the ER… (podcast & transript)


Season 2, Episode 3. Listen or download at 3 dots.

Time to S**t Post…

Ok… The last 8 months… getting #AutisticAF Out Loud Podcast off the ground…. Ate up ALL my spoons. If you CAN eat spoons… But I’m recovering. I think… So, I’ll be posting more short, random, diverse content again… Recipes. Poems. Politics. Art. Random shit… Lemme know what you think. Meanwhile, people are talking about……More