That Song I’ll Never Sing to My Son

I find it hard to find a home for art that celebrates the life of #neurodiversity…

Hope this isn’t inappropriate here to celebrate the occasional cold, lazy Sunday….

This is another written “song without a singer.” It never even sighs “autism.”

That exercise is left to you, Gentle Reader…


Beat: Cohen 6/8 Ballad

Like some angel
With a dislocated shoulder
Half   f l y i n g
H a l f   falling
Younger to older
From the day I was born.

Tumbling to earth
Rushing up below
Body on   f i r e
H e a r t   aflame
In   s l o – m o ,   a horror picture show…

To a silent piano score…

Like that song
I’ll never sing
To my son.
Like that song
Like this song….

Don’t be a dick
It’s harder than you think
Learn from my mistakes
Believe the world’s
A mostly good place
And if it’s not
Make another….

Don’t please yourself
Less than bosses & lovers
Don’t waste time
On brilliant Plan B’s
Life’s what happens
Dodging disconnects & Drama Queens

But most of all
Don’t forget to have a kid
Like you might forget
That call-in contest
You just knew you could win….

Like some angel
Thrown outta heaven
Half   f l y i n g
H a l f   falling
From what could’ve been…
The day I was born.

Like that song
I’ll never sing…
To that son
I never had.
Like that song

Ya know,
Like this song.

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  1. Kimmie Knapp says:

    THIS should be a song!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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