Autism in Poetry: Sensory Overload, NOISE…

"Scream"... Original digital illustration, after Hitchcock's Psycho. Image contains a digital painting of actress Janet Leigh's famous wide-mouthed scream in the shower.


“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?!” Jay snaps his head up from his guitar, worried about me.

“Turn it off!” I’m ripping the headphones off my head, struggling with guitar cables, trying not to trip as I jump off my stool, and….

Run the fuck AWAY…

“I don’t know. I don’t know! Turn it off!” I am so having a panic attack. No idea why. “TURN. IT. OFF. NOW.”

I’m jamming with a new friend. Young, 20s. Me 63.

Jay’s a gifted guitarist, vocalist, song writer. And, in Indiana, at this time, young guys are largely into…


And this lazy summer afternoon I finally figure out why I don’t get Metal music… despite its obvious artistry… when it’s good.

And Jay, he’s really great. Turns out, at something I hate…

He asked to share one of his new Metal recordings with me. Actually, I’m eager to hear it. I’m very impressed with his skills and talent.

But as it starts to blare out of my PA, I start feeling nervous… anxious… angry…

The frantic beat, the distorted sound, the scream-growling voice, the sheer volume…

The lyrics from Hell…

Completely overwhelm my sensory, emotional, and intellectual processing abilities…

And I just completely skip over “meltdown” and go straight for…

Blind, unreasoning, screaming…


Which naturally totally freaks out Jay.

Which further totally freaks me out…

And it all spirals down from there…

Protests. Apologies. Reassurances. Slammed doors. Burning tires.

Which gave me this song/poem.

Not to apologize. Or justify. Or lecture. Or discuss. Or educate. Or enlighten…

To give you the experience of autistic sensory overload.

Another of my written Songs without a Singer. (More here.)


Jim Morrison scream — Drowning Pool beat

Too. Much.
Noise noise noise.
Too much
Noise noise noise.
Too much
Noise noise noise.
Too. Much.

Heart pounding
Skull splitting
Throat ripping
Welcome to the Realm
Of screaming spitting

Parents yell
Teacher’s bell
Preachers tell
Born into the Realm
Of dreaming, living dead

Screens burn my eyes
Play lists deafen ears
Food tastes like lies
Feeding my mind fears
Pornhub rots my sex
Netflix eats my soul
My only thought…
“What’s next what’s next what’s next”
As I fill another bowl
Bass just keeps on thrumming
Noise beyond reason
Winter for sure is coming
In Satan’s own season…

Factories pounding
Shattered glass sounding
Too tightly wound in
Surviving the Realm
Of drowning, suffocating

Too. Much.
Noise noise noise.
Too much
Noise noise noise.
Too much
Noise noise noise.
Too. Much.
Too. Much.
Too. Much.
n o i s e ….

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1 Comment

  1. Inuyasha says:

    What about using drugs that induce a state of beautiful sensory deprivation like opioids or NMDA antagonists like ketamine?

    I remember when I used to be a heroin addict the sensitivity to sound was GONE. Even extremely loud soul piercing sounds like gunshots sounded “muffled” and pleasant. Even clattering dishes and diesel engines sounded pleasant. Nothing was to loud until tolerance and dependency kicked in which was partially reversed with NMDA antagonists which studies show to be, to some extent, anti-addictive.

    Dissociatives are my go-to for my meltdowns. A strong dxm trip or ketamine and all and any self destructive behavior is gone, and not in a bad way like risperidone, but in a introspection way. I saw my spirit leaving the physical body and felt freedom, true peacefulness, I now use low doses for maintenance therapy, if you cannot get ketamine, DXM will suffice without a doubt. It reverses tolerance to all drugs including nicotine and weakens reverses physical dependency.

    I got off heroin using 900mg dxm and got on buprenorphine at 0.5mg day and opiates are anti autistic in terms of sensory overload and eye contact and awkwardness. Dissociatives are for the burnouts and meltdowns. self administration of chemical restraint to induce
    Ego death weakening of biases and dissociatives are not dependant on the set setting, you can use them total chaos situations, studies in mental hospitals snow ketamine superior to haloperidol for destructive behavior, far superior, the patients often see memories of the events to how they got there in the first place leading to recovery.


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