Share: Plea from Nonspeaking Autist Ash Hudson

Below, verbatim from Ashley B. Hudson…

If my family actually loves me, help me with this important goal. Or at least tell me you support me, or something.

But there are ways to help.

We are stronger in numbers. Don’t just tell me about independence when I say I have been struggling. Independance is in the realm of possibility, but I am Autistic and disabled in other ways and there are things that need to be done in this society first.

And even if you need a little help with things in life that’s OK.

I am Autistic and fighting to be able to be independent. Help give me and more people like me get equal opportunities, accomodations that could be life saving, accessibility, easy access to medical care, the allowance to schedule our own doctors appointments through messaging and more types of appointments everywhere, the allowance to be able to message doctors everywhere, the allowance to be able to contact every businesses and office through messaging, to never be dennied use of our method of communication, including from doctors, and overall inclusion in many ways.

Not having all of this has actually become dangerous for me medically and mentally.

Just mention all this to someone, talk to a friend about it, make a post, write letters, send emails, make phone calls, and make petitions.

Maybe share one of my posts.

Look at the ADA. This is like not providing a ramp for wheelchair users… I have faced bad consequences for not having proper accomodations in place.

And if my family will not help me, maybe my friends will help me….

Or maybe even strangers will help me. Or at least support me.

Make this world a safe place for those who do not communicate with speech.

Clearly, I have my own voice in my way, and the will to do things.

Help me create a world where I am allowed to use them.

Contact Ash, he/him via email.

#ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #Empathy #EqualRights #Accesability #AutisticSelfAdvocacy #Autism #HumanRights #CallToAction #SpreadAwareness #SupportAutistics #StandWithAutistics #Advocate #AdvocatesUnite

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