AutisticAF Link Roundup 03/07/21: Autism, Politics, Pop Culture

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  1. Stars & Galaxies & Nebulae… oh my! Everybody loves #StarPorn… You won’t believe these taken from the ground by a private astral photographer.
  2. Why an autist may say you are yelling at them… during their meltdown… Important read for parents and concerned loved ones trying to surive loving AND living with … #actuallyautistic folk.
  3. Neurodiversity for Dummies: MD Edition Ya know… How to talk to ADULT autists… without talking down to us.
  4. Police detective remembers the Alex Minassian case… found guilty despite autism… Canadian mass murder case…
  5. As a digital artist… this gives me hope of paying my rent… How digital art is becoming collectible… thru Block Chain.
  6. Whaddya think about censoring Dr. Seuss…? For me? Lotta autistic childhood memories are re-examined…
  7. Blowback against Sia’s movie Music… and it’s portrayal of an autistic nonspeaker… may be bringing positive change in Hollywood.
  8. Mathematician Proves Huge Result on ‘Dangerous’ Problem
  9. Are you an autist who experiences synthesthesia (multiple senses at once)? Here‘s a clear explanation by an academic. Cool stuff I never knew.
  10. What hath Kabat-Zinn wrought…? Cutting back on sweets in your diet? Denying yourself doesn’t work? Try this specific Mindful Meditation
  11. Actual Glow-in-the dark sharks… predators shine a light on the food chain…. 6th-grade autists will go wild….
  12. Cancel the Cop Culture… of violence.
  13. Does your cat or dog have…. #Covid19? May be.
  14. Bunny Wailer… last of the Holy Trinity of Reggae (Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley) who founded the Wailers… has passed.
  15. #CancelCopViolence … Nine ‘Urgent’ Steps to Improving Youth-Police Relations | The Crime Report
  16. March astronomical highlights… including a Full “Worm Moon“….
  17. The hermits in the Hikikomori couldn’t go outside for years. Then Covid-19 trapped them again | WIRED UK
  18. #triggerwarning Repeated physical abuse alleged of “not completely non-verbal” autistic boy.
  19. Did Early Christians use psychedelics…? A big cosmic maybe
  20. SciFi Warp drives may actually be possible… just barely… More detail here (behind pay wall)
  21. “Shocking” unemployment rate among autists in UK. Only 22% employed… in ANY way, including part-time. (UK uses ICM rather than DSM V critera for autism. It’s unclear this figure includes aspergers folks.)
  22. Farm Animal Rights… for FISH!
  23. More cool random net links here

Tips? Suggestions…? To the Editor

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