Global Newsflash: We’re Autistic. Not Mentally Ill.


On oh,  S O O O  many levels.

I don’t know how I missed this story last week….

Cops near Jamesville, New York… a small town near Syracuse… shot a teenaged autist dead…

For waving his toy air gun at them… A fatal mistake. One that cops make far too often.

As I’ve said often in the last few months, I believe the solution is NOT “training” cops to accept autism.

I believe it is ridiculous to expect any human rigorously trained to use domination, intimidation, as well as threatened and actual violence to control human behavior… and indoctrinated to do so with a split-second decision…


to turn around and provide the nurturning support required for a human services call. Any human services call. But especially to the disabled. And ESPECIALLY the invisibly disabled, like many autists.

But it’s more than cops…

It starts with the ignorance of the society that employs them. Which is demonstrated in the journalistic sentimentality of the article below.

Teenaged Judson didn’t deserve special treatment because he was “mentally ill”…

Because autism isn’t a mental illness. And meltdowns are not a symptom of disease.

Judson didn’t deserve to die because cops killed him…


🚨 Article contains controversial language. Consider commenting or writing editor. 🚨

Syracuse, N.Y. — As protesters entered Firefighter’s Memorial Park Wednesday night, they joined the growing crowd in chanting: “Justice for Judson.”

The crowd, which grew to about 60 people, was holding a candlelight vigil for Judson Albahm, 17, of Jamesville. Judson was fatally shot by police last Thursday afternoon along Apulia Road after police say he pointed an airgun made to look like Glock at them while the teen was suffering a mental health crisis….

Several community leaders and activists called for better mental health care and a change in how police interact with kids and those who have been diagnosed with mental health disorders. According to an online post by organizers of the vigil, Judson was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Autism is not mental illness

It is a neurological difference. A different nervous system than something like 98% of the rest of the human race. Present from the womb.

We don’t need pity. We don’t need registries. We don’t need ID cards… or patches. At least many if us feel that way….

What do we need?

To start with, we need cops to stop shooting at us. Which doesn’t require expensive cop training. Which is still leaving more and more autists dead. Or injured.

It just requires answering human services calls with human services professionals. Who don’t pack guns.

A more global acceptance of autistic folks certainly is imperative.

But waiting for it might take time we don’t have.

More on this important topic here.

And a Facebook group discussing this important topic.

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