AutisticAF Link Roundup 03/14/21: Autism, Politics, Pop Culture

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Horrific case of systemic abuse of autistic kids shuts down St. Louis, Missouri residential care facility…

Stimulus checks are nice… But like billionaire charity, depending on generous whims… for our survival… may give us cheap, addictive thrills but they don’t change anything.

People of color are underrepresented in #autism research… On BOTH sides of the lab coat

This MAY be an important study on autism… with implications for stereotypes like “Theory of Mind.” I’m not sure. I don’t have the chops.

Near-death experiences…. And why  they fascinate us….

Speaking of death… In war, medicine, economics… “Necropolitics” is the calculation of how many humans must die… to save your standard of living.

Am I in Manhattan? Or Another Sequel to ‘Blade Runner’?

Story of missing autistic boy found dead in Toledo

Coolest freaking drone video of all time…. And amazing Big Lebowski references.

Newsflash: Disabled people do not exist to serve as an inspiration to others, abled or disabled… or why “inspiration porn” hurts…

Scientists are convinced this ancient machine is the first analog computer… despite having little idea how it works…

Mother of 11 yo autist files federal suit after police handcuff her son… for poking a schoolmate with a pencil.

Say… What IS that weird, long cloud on Mars?

Cool, fancy desserts made from Girl Scout Cookies

ACLU Colorado’s “Counselors, Not Cops” initiative… stories of cop violence against autists.

Digital archeology’: long-dormant MoonCats project rides NFT mania to the moon

Convicted mass murderer Alek Minassian, autism, and Incel Culture… An excellent read on the complicated ways they intertwine….

Music NFTs (exclusive, non-shareable digital albums sold thru Blockchain tech) Have Gone Mainstream. Who’s In?

Sheriff Conway, stand up and face questions on teen’s shooting by police

New podcast on unexplained science… dark matter, mysterious plants, unexplained stuff inside the Earth…

More great links from the week here.

More on Autusm & The Police topic here. And a Facebook group discussing this important topic.

Tips? Suggestions…? To the Editor

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