AutisticAF: The Week in Police & Autism 3/14/21

A new weekly roundup of interactions between autists… and the cops. Violence, positive support, personal stories, legislation, registries, opinion… Subscribe for regular updates.

  1. Talk about scary constitutional issues… AND cop violence on autists….
  2. Autistic teen waves air gun… Killed by the police.
  3.  Convicted mass murderer Alek Minassian, autism, and Incel Culture… An excellent read on the complicated ways they intertwine….
  4. New York teen killed by police.
  5. ACLU Colorado’s “Counselors, Not Cops” initiative… stories of cop violence against autists.
  6. #triggerwarning link to disturbing video.
  7.  Accept autism. Don’t register it.
  8.  Mother of 11 yo autist files federal suit after police handcuff her son… for poking a schoolmate with a pencil.
  9. Like body cams… Police safety training around autism won’t work if you don’t turn it on. Salt Lake City reviewing police procedures and racial equity… In part because of the death of 13yo autist Linden Cameron.
  10. Utah proud of its police autism training bill after two very public incidents of deadly cop violence in the last 18 months.
  11. More than 10 US cities reduce police budgets in response to #DefundThePolice… Thousands to go….

More on this important topic here.

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