AutisticAF: The Week in Police & Autism 3/21/21

A new weekly roundup of interactions between autists… and the cops. Violence, positive support, personal stories, legislation, registries, opinion… Subscribe for regular updates.

  1. Spain cops claim giving them money, power, and cute little registry cards will help them, ya know, act actually human around autists.
  2. Lee Merritt, lawyer for victims of police killings, to run for Texas Attorney General… openly discusses his fears for autistic son… & the police.
  3. Cases of caregiver abuse of autists are in the news daily. This one, of a nonspeaking 4 yo, is bad.
  4. Spain: Police criticised for evicting autistic man from bus.
  5. Apparently you can train typical people to accept autism… Maybe even cops..? Wondering if it includes electro-shock and forced AVOIDING eye contact… A sort of reverse ABA/Autism Speaks approach used on autistic kids….?
  6. UK cop claims Covid-19 has been “good” for autists… Punchline: He’s autistic, too.
  7. Disturbing moment defenseless autistic boy repeatedly punched in head by a schoolgirl bully as classmate films.
  8. Gay conversion therapy is just as horrible you’ve heard… banned in 20 states. Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, used on autistic kids 18 months old was invented by the same man… using same forced compliance to make them “normal.”
  9. Music producer Marcus Boyd uses his autism diagnosis to help others… discusses his fears of police mistreatment.
  10. Florida’s Baker Act traumatizes thousands of kids each year… especially autistic schoolkids.
  11. Man sentenced to 212 years for driving autistic sons off Port of Los Angeles wharf for insurance.

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