Rethinking AutiticAF… & My Social Media

I’m rethinking my blog… and social media.

Part of that may be reducing my social media friends to folks I actually interact with… Or MUST read.

Even among our autistic community, I find too many folks selling me products, consultation, viewpoints, tribe memberships… or simply adding me to their “count.”

Which requires more energy than I have.

I thought I’d run that idea by you. See what comes up.


  1. Infidel753 says:

    I see no point in maintaining any kind of contact with people who just want something from you but don’t contribute anything to you. Social media can make you feel like you have relationships that don’t actually exist. It sounds like you’d be wise to cut back to just those contacts where you’re actually getting some benefit.

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    1. I learn a great deal from you, my friend. And steal as much as I can…

      Count this as another lesson learned.

      Working on this…

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