Every so often… I gotta jog your elbow…

"Ceci n'est pas une joie autistitique," original digital illustration by the author. Fantasy illustration, dark moody background, bright illuminated halo in the center. A human sits in the center in lotus pose, relfected in a serene pond at dawn or dusk.

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Johnny in burnout. Personal photo. Johnny Profane, early 60s, in a black t-shirt that reads, "Have you seen my zombie?" He holds a cat.
Johnny in burnout. Personal photo.

If so, please consider leaving a tip at https://ko-fi.com/autisticaf.

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Like Buddha I’m a Beg-a-tarian holding out my bowl…

#AutisticAdults #ADHD #AskingAutistics #AutisticElder #thankyou

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