Share: Every Autistic Boy Deserves a Fierce Mom…

From one of the courageous founders of Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. Those who have read about my family life get why… Jennifer Byde Myers and Shannon Des Roches Rosa are my heroes. I received word last night that my birth mother died. I had not spoken to her in 10 years… Jenny Alice’s words…More

Audio problem fixed: “Millenial Friends” Podcast

It appears the audio file had problems shortly after posting for the podcast episode: “Millennial Friends: You. Are. Right… Question EveryTHING.” If you read the transcript… I think you’ll be surprised at the difference the audio makes for your drive-time commute…More

Play now: click on arrow at left — Download: 3 dots at right.

Millennial Friends: You. Are. Right… Question EveryTHING. (Transcript)

Podcast here… Millennial culture is my favorite on Earth. And autistic Millenials…? I identify with them like no others. I talk with autistics who are staring at turning 30… or 40… every day. Smart. Educated. Eyes wide open…Yet bewildered. Uncertain. Some think they’ve done something wrong… but can’t figure out what. But some are… mad.…More