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Autism in Art: America Enters the Bardö, Trump Departs

In Tibetan Buddhism, a “bardö” is the intermediate gap we experience between death and rebirth… Said to be, for most, a foggy, confusing, dreamlike state… lost… abandoned… fear… desire… hope… The world has been obsessed with Donald J. Trump for 5 years. Nervously checking our phones dozens of times a day… What has he done […]

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Groton City Council Takes Autistic Safety Seriously… But… Won’t Be Enough.

No human services should be delivered by someone packing a gun…

There’s no excuse for deadly mistakes… delivering human services.

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Autism in Art: “Deliverance – An American Selfie”

There’s a hole in the American Dream…

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Autism in Art: “Twilight of the Manchild,” Trump in Decline

Trump in decline…

His shadow spreads… America is diminished.

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Share: What It’s Like to Be Autistic in Jail.

This …

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Drinking while Autistic: Vanilla Cream-Tini 🥃🥂

Holiday gatherings difficult…?

These should sweeten the situation…

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Opinion: Police Registry Systems Give This Autist the  C r e e p s . .

I believe strongly that no human services interaction should involve a human with a gun… unless overt signs of mortal violence are clearly evident.


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UPDATE: “Designing My Home Around Adult Autism”

G-d I hate  my autism today…

Listen, I screwed up big-time. So I went off on a rant….

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Designing My Home Around Adult Autism: 7 Principles

As an autist, I am challenged managing space, time, mind, heart, body, and above all… energy.

I need my home to work with me, for me… and what I do in my life… instead of the other way around.

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Trigger Warning: New Group on Autism & the Police

New group tracking police & autism interactions.


Facebook Live Event: A VERY Kimmie & Johnny Thanksgiving

You are invited to a free live event, Thanksgiving Evening!

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On Autism & Defiance: An Early Personal Memory

Parents are powerful. But not omnipotent…

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Coming Out Autistic: Chat with an Old Friend

Mebbe the hardest, weirdest  thing about coming out autistic? Telling folks who knew me many years ago.

Before ANY of us figured out I’m #ActuallyAutistic…

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Your Free Art Print… Finally Available

I’d like to share the #AutisticJoy!

I will be sending all followers one of my digital illustrations…

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Autism in Art: Recent Work (Slideshow)

As we head into American Fall 2020…

Dark landscapes haunt my autistic mind… Love gives me hope.

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50 Shades of Autistic Thinking, Pt 2: Verbal Processing

What could be more basic to human experience than…

Mebbe, just mebbe… I’m not precisely… human.

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Autism in Poetry: A Hole’s A Hole

A hole’s a hole until ya fill it…

I finally filled my autistic heart…

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Note to a Younger Autistic Friend… 👴📝📬


Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be autistic…

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Music that Rocked My World: A Damn-Near Autism-Free Journey

What pop music changed your world…?

Autistic. Or not.

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Autism in Art, Gallery: Astonish the Police

I’m overwhelmed by the USA…

Art is how I deal…