#AutisticJoy Adult Autism Podcasts Surviving Symptoms

#AutisticJoy, Orgasmic Learning… & Ecstasy – Podcast: s1e7

Let’s dive into the most universal autistic experience of all… and it’s one hiding right in front of your face.

Even if no one talks about it…

#AutisticJoy Adult Autism Podcasts Surviving Symptoms

Comic Book Hero: Surviving Bullying – A Spoken Song (bonus podcast)

How did autistic & other neurodiverse kids survive the Dark Ages before IEPs, 504 plans, targeted therapy, noise-canceling headphones…?

Here’s some brutal autistic truth-teling for ya… (with transcript)

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Share: Twinship. A Unique Autistic Journey…

Autistic. Black. An identical twin. Helluva writer.

#AutisticJoy Adult Autism Podcasts Surviving Symptoms

Autistic Masking as Performance Art (podcast)

Ever hear of autistic masking?

If you’re wondering if you ARE autistic… this is gonna sound strangely familiar… (podcast w/transcript).

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Dear Autist: Forgiving Your Family? NOT a Cosmic Rule… (podcast)

Not forgiving your abusers does NOT mean you are a “bad autist.”

You are a survivor. (podcast w/transcript).


Audio problem fixed: “Millenial Friends” Podcast

It appears the audio file had problems shortly after posting for the podcast episode: “Millennial Friends: You. Are. Right… Question EveryTHING.” If you read the transcript… I think you’ll be surprised at the difference the audio makes for your drive-time commute… Available for listening or download on Apple/Spotify/all platforms:

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Share: “Hey, stop gaslighting Black people about their disabilities.”

TikTok video… Too good not to share.

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Podcast: Millennial Friends: You. Are. Right… Question EveryTHING.

Whether the world you were born into works for you… or not…

You may find some words here that mean something…

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Millennial Friends: You. Are. Right… Question EveryTHING. (Transcript)

Podcast here… Millennial culture is my favorite on Earth. And autistic Millenials…? I identify with them like no others. I talk with autistics who are staring at turning 30… or 40… every day. Smart. Educated. Eyes wide open…Yet bewildered. Uncertain. Some think they’ve done something wrong… but can’t figure out what. But some are… mad. […]

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Podcast: I’m Still Autistic. I STILL Fear Cops: One Year after Linden Cameron

I think it’s time for a little controversy.

Let’s talk about cops… autists… and tragic violence. Out. Loud.

Podcast, including transcript.

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Shared: “Yes, It Really Is Legal to Electrically Shock Disabled Children in The US as Punishment #StopTheShock”

Important article. Autistic children are shocked… like cattle.

Legally. In the US.

#AutisticJoy Accomodating Adult Autism Podcasts Special Interests Surviving

Podcast: On #AutisticJoy, Personality & Being in the Flow…

Today, I’m hot on the trail of #Autistic Joy.

What it is. Why you want it. How to get it. Podcast, with transcript.

#AutisticJoy Autism Podcasts Surviving

Note to a Younger Autistic Friend. Podcast 1.

“Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be autistic…”

Heart-felt note to college student rebuked by professor for being… well, autistic.

Art Autism Autism & The Police Dangers Illustrations Sexual Abuse & Assault

Autism in Art — Gallery: “Remember,” Autists & Violence

I’ve been working on a long-term project. A series of portraits of autists who experienced violence at the hands of the police, strangers, friends… family.

Autism Cooking

Cooking while Autistic: Fresh Raspberries & Mandarins in Heavy Syrup… Uncanned

You can preserve fruit… that tastes even better than fresh!

Fast. Easy. Cheap. Food-Stamp Friendly.

Autism Personal Surviving Symptoms

This #AutisticElder Begins… to Worry… about Dementia.

…Over. And over. And over. Again. Ikr?

This one’s about as real as I’m ever gonna get.

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Rethinking AutiticAF… & My Social Media

Personal post about rethinking my direction…

Autism Safety Sexual Abuse & Assault Surviving

“The Cavalry NEVER Comes”: Sexual Assault & An Autistic Life, Part 2

You can help your autistic loved ones feel safer from sexual abuse & assault…

It starts with honesty about yourself… and them.

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Share: Mapping Autistic Frustration

When the world overwhelms you…

Sometimes ya just gotta pull out a map and get the freak outta Dodge…

Autism Sexual Abuse & Assault

“Not Everyone Was My Friend”: Sexual Assault & An Autistic Life, Part 1

Discussing sexual abuse & assault of autistic children… is difficult for survivors, loved ones, caretakers…

Maybe that’s precisely why we need to talk about it.