A Buddha, an Autist & a Chicken Go into a Costco: A No Joke

"Pain Is Pain," original digital illustration in a graphic novel-influenced style of chicken upside down, in pain.

So. This is a No Joke. A Zen laugh. The sound of no one laughing…

Here’s the set up…

Nothing like finding out you’re autistic late in life to make you ponder the nature of intelligence, consciousness, Being…

And the arrogant evil of typical human morality.

Costco’s a great company. Everybody says so.

Great products. Great store. Treats their workers great. They’re even great on the environment… for, ya know, a box store.

And g-d knows their rotisserie roast chickens are convenient. Cheap. Delicious.


Here’s the No Joke…

All sentient beings experience pain.

And fear.

And horror.

And terror.

Buddha said something sort of like that 2500 years ago.

Which kinda sent some of his more meticulous students into a panic.

Earnestly seeking enlightenment,
faithfully tracing each & every step of the Noble Eight-Fold Path,
contemplating deeply on their vows to enlighten all sentient beings, and
therefore studiously practicing compassion for each & every living, conscious animal,…

These students earnestly asked the First Awakened One born in thousands of generations,…

“How can you tell which creatures are sentient… and not to be eaten?”

Of no mild concern to zealous vegetarians…
fearing thousands of rebirths in the Hell of Hungry Ghosts…
for the potential sin of eating chicken.

I have no idea what a cosmic giggle sounds like. So, imagine you just heard a glorious example….

Buddha pointed at an ant crawling up the log he sat on.

Then he simply tapped his finger on the wood.

The ant ran.

He giggled again.

Here’s the punchline…

Costco roasted chickens cost you just $4.99.

Read what it costs the chicken…


Contemplate the zen koan, “What’s the Sound of No One Laughing…?”

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  2. Thank you. We are all one, despite our separate forms. Compassionate action heals all.

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