Link Roundup 21/2/7… Autism, Politics, Pop Culture

Text meme

Tips? Suggestions…? To the Editor

  1. Great thread… Great Twitter account… White Supremacy on the socialist left?? Unconscious. Or simply ignored…
  2. 💨 Overview of cannabis for testing autism symptoms
  3. #Autism as defense in Australian child porn case.
  4. 👶 Ever feel like a “caring” fellow adult treats autistic you like a child…?
  5. UK government calls for review of treatment of autists in custody, jail, prison
  6. Just how chickenshit are Rochester NY cops? #NoGunsforHumanServices
  7. 🌈🏳️‍🌈 UK autistic mom of autistic son works for change for folks on the DOUBLE RAINBOW
  8. Important read for parents… protect autistic children from sex abuse
  9. 🔎 Gripping mystery story… Solved by science… Told. One. Tweet. At. A. Time…
  10. ❗ Cool, free, printable flowchart poster for autistic, adhd & other folks who have difficulty deciding… about dinner.
  11. 👉 Important precedent… NYC proposes replacing cops as first responders for “mental illness”… including autism. #NoGunsforHumanServices
  12. Biden’s gotta get a lot “done” before 2022
  13. New podcast out of South Carolina tv on violent police interaction with the disabled…
  14. US Police White Supremacy in action… Florida…
  15. Walking at night while Black? Don’t let Cincinatti Cops catch you
  16. 😮♥️ 13 yo autist makes successful, heartfelt plea… Don’t discriminate against neurodivergent… Pre-schoolers…
  17. #FuckSia
  18. #FuckSia two times
  19. Chocolate Lava Cake! Homemade! Easy!
  20. 😮♥️👀 Inspiring! Scottish autistic teenager sends thousands of thank you cards to healthcare workers… to cope with severe #Covid19 anxiety…
  21. Atlanta autistic teen jailed when mother asks cops for human services help…
  22. No charges. Native autistic man beaten, jailed by Canadian cops… he was wearing noise-cancelling headphones…
  23. “A Buddha, an Autist & a Chicken Head into a Costco”… A No Joke
  24. 💰 Canadian job program for autists… Including equal pay
  25. UK charity launches innovative mentor program for ADULT autists
  26. Nick Ward, Director of National Autistic Society Scotland on #AutisticRights…
  27. ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING… Neighbor kills parents over snow shoveling… Autistic boy orphaned

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