Note to a Younger Autistic Friend. Podcast 1.

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Johnny Profane Âû has a voice…

Who knew?

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This is a first. As a musician, I’ve never sang or used my voice. Despite constant pestering from fans & friends for the last 10 years…

In fact, I’ve written about hating my voice.

But I’ve finally given in.

To kick off the new AutisticAF Out Loud podcast, I’ve reworked a few of my most popular, inspirational posts… for driving in the car, listening at work, or simply relaxing.

In this first episode, I rewrote Note to a Younger Autistic Friend… my heartfelt response to a young autist who wrote me… totally bewildered when her professor rebuked her… for doing precisely what he asked for.

Talk about a typical autistic experience with neurotypical authority figures…

More to come in coming days! Including all new material… a bit controversial…

Designing My Home Around Adult Autism: Pt. 2 – 7 Survival Principles #AutisticAF Out Loud

  1. Designing My Home Around Adult Autism: Pt. 2 – 7 Survival Principles
  2. Designing My Home Around Autism: Pt. 1 – Making It Work for Me
  3. Inside Autism & Eye Contact: How It Feels… How to Deal with the Terror s2e6
  4. Fanning the Flames: #AutisticJoy in the Classroom – Intersectional Infinity Conference s02e05
  5. Selective Mutism: I Have No Mouth. But I Must SCREAM… s2e4
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  1. Infidel753 says:

    I think you’re actually very good at this. You have a good voice and your delivery is excellent. You don’t keep saying er, ah, um during pauses the way most people do. It made me wonder if you’d been an actor at some point.

    It sounds as if you’ve settled on the principle of living life your own way and doing things the way that feels right for you, even if other people think it’s “wrong” (it’s not “wrong” as long as you’re not transgressing against other individuals). As your own metaphor implies, a cat can’t ever really fit in in a dogs’ world, so the best thing is to live the best cat life you can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, my friend, never been an actor…

      Since about 14…

      Always been a “character.” I need to write more on this.

      It’s a secret passion. And all about my autistic self.

      Think practicing cartoon, ad, talk show voices in my literal closet…

      For 7 decades.

      I have got to write you. Souch on my head right now from reading your blog… watching you blog…

      Having trouble getting it out

      Liked by 1 person

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