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#AutisticAF Out Loud Taking Off… No Shatner’s Onboard

The podcast is taking off…

But there’s no room for dicks in this space.

I’m busy preparing a 3-part series on anxiety, sensory overload… and using autistic stim techniques consciously to combat them…

Feels like the right time to give you an update on the podcast… and where it’s headed.

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With over 2000 downloads
200 subscribers across all platforms…
2x followers every month…
actually hitting the charts in Ireland & Europe…

Here are the top #AutisticAF Out Loud podcasts in its first 90 days…

  1. Podcast: On #AutisticJoy, Personality & Being in the Flow…
  2. Autistic Shutdowns: Believe I’ll Ch-Ch-Change My Shirt (spoken song)
  3. Comic Book Hero: Surviving Bullying – A Spoken Song
  4. #AutisticJoy, Orgasmic Learning… & Ecstasy
  5. Note to a Younger Autistic Friend

Your support blows my mind. AND that #2 & #3 are poetry about autistic experience? Icing on the cake… or brain… or whatever twisted metaphor I’ve gotten myself into…

If you are enjoying the podcast… and have some loose change around… I need a little support. My ancient Dell Latitude pc… used for writing, videos, podcasts, artwork… has up and died.

A buck or two? No amount too small to help. Course, big doesn’t hurt either…

My informative writing on autism, adhd, and neurodivergence will always remain free. But social security & food stamps… my fixed income… can’t handle emergencies…

Support here: Paypal Ko-Fi

Btw, the new 3-part series will begin tomorrow…

  • Part 1: “Zen & The Art of Autistic Stimming”
  • Part 2: “NOISE: Sensory Overload – A Spoken Song”
  • Part 3: “Confessions of an #AdultAutistic Anxiety Junkie”

I think it’s going to be big…

Confessions of an #AdultAutistic Anxiety Junkie – Stimming, Overload & Anxiety, Pt.3 #AutisticAF Out Loud

What better holiday to discuss adult autistic anxiety… Than Colonialist Thanksgiving….?   For many, a freaking minefield of social obligation, exhausting small talk & *grinding* anxiety.   Subscribe for all new episodes: #Apple: #Spotify: #Amazon/Alexa: #Audible: #Facebook: Transcript/Blog/More platforms: #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD
  1. Confessions of an #AdultAutistic Anxiety Junkie – Stimming, Overload & Anxiety, Pt.3
  2. Zen & the Autistic Art of the Stim: Stimming, Overload & Anxiety, Pt. 2
  3. Autistic Stimming, Overload & Anxiety, Pt. 1: NOISE – A Spoken Song
  4. How to Get Diagnosed #ActuallyAutistic… In Just 26 Years! S01E08
  5. Autistic Shutdowns: Believe I‘ll Ch-Ch-Change My Shirt – A Spoken Song

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