SHARE: “#AutisticWhileBlack: Against The Erasure of Ron’Niveya O’Neal”

Snapshot of young Black woman. Ron'Niveya O'Neal, a beautiful Nonspeaking Autistic Girl wearing a filter crown of flowers that  match her pattern pink and white  sweater.

Are we… the #ActuallyAutistic social media community… erasing the #AutisticWhileBlack community…?

I just discovered the Autism Wars blog via @DrHlexia on Twitter.

I can’t thank the author enough for a spotlight on a community I need to know so much more about.

Neither the press nor the autism community gave a damn about Ron’Niveya. The media rarely mentions her by name. She is called Ronnie IV’s disabled sister, or Kenyatta ‘Keke’ Barron’s daughter. She is the evidence of a double murder. But that is all. Her humanity has been stripped from her.

Everything about how Autistic Black people, especially nonspeakers, are treated in this community needs to change. To those who put themselves at risk to demand change happen, to the true allies against ableist racism in our community, thank you for your tireless efforts. You all have my deepest respect.

Authentic Autistic Life: 4 Short Stories Fearless, Joyful and Chaotic, s3e2 #AutisticAF Out Loud

  1. Authentic Autistic Life: 4 Short Stories Fearless, Joyful and Chaotic, s3e2
  2. Love, Politics & Faking Normal: 3 New Autistic Myths s03e01
  3. #AutisticRave: Group Processing Disorder. It's a Thing.
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