Cooking While Autistic: Fry Bread… Profane!

A photo of frybread being made, On the left, a dark, flour-covered bowl holds a finished dough ball. On the right, a golde brown finished fry bread, In the background a bottle of cinnamon and other tools. Photo via Pixabay,
Fry Bread!

I LOVE food. I tend toward my thrill-seeking ADHD side… new, spicy, bold impact. And as you might imagine, there’s also my Autistic side… detailed, just-so, and picky about certain tastes and textures.

I pay for my love of food… with food stamps. All my recipes reflect that with ingredients readily available in a good grocery… or in some online-billionaire’s store, with free delivery!

I tend to use organic, highest-quality-I-can-budget-for ingredients. I find I’m happy… eating less… that way. My preferences are in parentheses in the recipe.

I adapted this recipe from a traditional Navajo recipe (link in recipe), to honor the culture from which it came. I fell in love with fry bread on Route 66 in the Four Corners region. I think 1986…

Can be used so many ways… with cinnimon and sugar or honey like a churro, for tacos, sandwiches, plain butter, quick snack…

Pro tip: Toast fry bread the morning after at a fairly dark setting. Even better than fresh! Crispy, papery crust. Warm & moist interior. No grease…

Image via The 99 Cent Chef blog.

👉👉👉Recipe here:–Profane-G2G6FGPAW

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