Gallery: Autistic Victims of Violence

Photo. "Mother of Ilyad Hallak, autist, Meets the Police, 5/30,2020." Low-resolution version of original digital illustration. (c) 2021 John M. Knapp, Creative Commons Non-Commercial Usage. High-resolution wallpaper & poster files free to premium subscribers.

NOTE: Some autistic & ADHD folks process reading better, some listening… some both at once. So I include a transcript, podcast, and “pretty” captioned video below. #InclusionMatters.

Captioned for audio processing.

I got invited to an #autistic art contest. Who knew it was a thing?

Blew my mind… Let’s say no instructor ever singled me out for a career…

I submtted 6 originals… all autistic victims of violence.

This cause moves me.


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Autistic Art Contest… Who knew it was a thing?

I got invited to submit to one. Blowing the minds of every single art teacher who sighed and gave me a C…

I submitted portraits of
This is “Memories of Ilyad”… a Palestinian autist slain by Israeli police.

Linden Cameron was shot 11 times by cops. When his parents called for help.

The parents of JJ Vallow and his sister Tylee allegedly killed them, reportedly following the beliefs of an extreme religious group.

Kentae Williams was tortured and killed by an abusive step father.

The intellectually disabled autist simply known as Paul was electrocuted by Bristol Police during a public meltdown.

👉Reproducible, hi-res versions available for free download to Ko-Fi Supporters.

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  1. Johnny Profane:

    There are several Autistic Art contests out there.

    Every year there is the Peace contest on the 21st September, for instance.

    And there are card and fundraising contests too.

    Thank you for memorialising the six.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! I never thought to seek any out. These folks contacted me. I was floored. I’m just an enthusiastic amateur.


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