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“The Cavalry NEVER Comes”: Sexual Assault & An Autistic Life, Part 2

You can help your autistic loved ones feel safer from sexual abuse & assault…

It starts with honesty about yourself… and them.

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📰🚨🔥🗞️Opinion: Accept Autism. Don’t Register it.

Information gathered by the government… most especially the police or Justice Department… always ends up being used for punitive purposes…

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Dear Autist: Forgiving Your Family? NOT a Cosmic Rule…

Forgiving abusers… as much as SOME therapists, pop psychologists, and self-help gurus insist on it…

Is NOT a Cosmic Rule.

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Opinion: Autists Need Safety from Cops… Not ID Papers

We autists aren’t the problem.

Killer cops are.

Autism Autism & The Police Opinion Safety Surviving

Opinion: Police Registry Systems Give This Autist the  C r e e p s . .

I believe strongly that no human services interaction should involve a human with a gun… unless overt signs of mortal violence are clearly evident.


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UPDATE: “Designing My Home Around Adult Autism”

G-d I hate  my autism today…

Listen, I screwed up big-time. So I went off on a rant….

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Designing My Home Around Adult Autism: 7 Principles

As an autist, I am challenged managing space, time, mind, heart, body, and above all… energy.

I need my home to work with me, for me… and what I do in my life… instead of the other way around.

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Trigger Warning: New Group on Autism & the Police

New group tracking police & autism interactions.

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Note to a Younger Autistic Friend… 👴📝📬


Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be autistic…

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Autism & Love…

Big topic.

Let’s try talking…

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I’m Autistic. I Fear Cops….

I fear every police officer & cop car I see.
And in 21st Century America… I see them everywhere.

So I bought a Medical Alert Bracelet. To protect myself from “helping” First Responders…