Autistic Masking as Performance Art, s1e5

Ever hear of autistic masking?

If you’re wondering if you ARE autistic… this is gonna sound strangely familiar… (podcast w/transcript).More

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Millennial Friends: You. Are. Right… Question EveryTHING. (Transcript)

Podcast here… Millennial culture is my favorite on Earth. And autistic Millenials…? I identify with them like no others. I talk with autistics who are staring at turning 30… or 40… every day. Smart. Educated. Eyes wide open…Yet bewildered. Uncertain. Some think they’ve done something wrong… but can’t figure out what. But some are… mad.…More

Note to a Younger Autistic Friend, s1e1

“Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be autistic…”

Heart-felt note to college student rebuked by professor for being… well, autistic.More

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Autism Stories Podcast: Johnny Profane on #AutisticJoy

“It turns out its a lot easier than I thought. Remembering those things as a kid that made me happy, walking outside in nature, looking at ants under a microscope, starring at the stars at night.  Walking through the world with a sense of wonder, very focused on the moment isn’t that cool that is…More

Autism in Art: America Enters the Bardö, Trump Departs

In Tibetan Buddhism, a “bardö” is the intermediate gap we experience between death and rebirth… Said to be, for most, a foggy, confusing, dreamlike state… lost… abandoned… fear… desire… hope… The world has been obsessed with Donald J. Trump for 5 years. Nervously checking our phones dozens of times a day… What has he done…More