Opinion: Police Registry Systems Give This Autist the  C r e e p s . .

Yet another local police registry project. Today? Texas.


I’m beginning to smell Police Unions… extending their influence… hardwiring yet another social service into the cop/surveillance/education/prison system.

Both for power and job security.

It. Gives. Me. The. Creeps.

Best bear in mind I tend a little toward the paranoid…


I believe strongly that no human services interaction should involve a human with a gun… unless overt signs of mortal violence are clearly evident.


And most especially NOT for invisible disabilities like autism.

Mistakes are frequent. Mistakes are deadly… when guns are involved.

Surgeons are specialists. Doctors who Cut for a living…. see the world reflected through the gleam of a scalpel blade and…

Well, they shouldn’t handle all your medical needs.

Police are specialists. Cops who implicitly Threaten mortal violence for a living… see the world down the barrel of a pointed gun…

Are NOT the folks to handle any of your social services.


To read more about this important issue: Autism & the Police.

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