Opinion: Autists Need Safety from Cops… Not ID Papers

Modified photo of photogenic young man holding a colorful "Autism Passport," from the Gazette News, "Colchester-Based Autism Anglia Creates Autism Passport."

A UK Autism charity is taking a global bow…

For creating an “autism passport” to help keep cops from abusing… or killing… autists.

While I understand… and applaud… the impulse to give autistic folk greater safety in their interactions with police…

Any form of registration with the police… or carrying “identity papers” meant to save us from death… is creepy, imho…

Especially considering that an autistic person quite likely will not have the presence of mind to fumble for papers…

during a life-threatening encounter with armed police…

in the midst of an autistic meltdown…⁉️

Calling it a “passport”… as if we were somehow fun-seeking touristy aliens… in the communities we actually live in…

seems beyond insulting.

Tbh, it seems more like an attempt to reduce the guilt… of relatively few neurotypical folks… than any meaningful attempt to protect autists from cops(❗).

We live here. If you don’t kill us…

How about you pour your charitable efforts into removing armed cops from the equation…

since too many can’t seem to control their impulses to kill folks they don’t understand.

Absent the imminent danger of deadly violence… No human services call should be delivered by a human carrying a gun.

Not. A. Single. One.

We autists aren’t the problem.

Killer cops are.

To read more about this important issue: Autism & the Police.

Earlier version posted on the Facebook group, Trigger Warning: Autism & the Police.

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