AutisticAF Link Roundup 03/21 /21: Autism, Politics, Pop Culture

Tips? Suggestions…? To the Editor

  1. Error in most used autism screen, AQ10, means thousands of UK autists may be  misdiagnosed… For last 10 years.
  2. Apparently you can train typical people to accept autism… Wondering if it includes electro-shock and forced AVOIDING eye contact… A sort of reverse ABA/Autism Speaks approach used on autistic kids….?
  3. This is one weird sea slug…Part of its life cycle starts with self-decapitation. Must see video.
  4. UK… 4 arrested in connection with vicious attack on autistic person.
  5. Scientist  develops test to identify autism in early childhood.  Experts worry parents will deny children have autism because of stigma.
  6. There’s #InspirationPorn…. could there be #EvolutionPorn…? Sasha Baron-Cohen suggests autistics invented fire, the wheel, pop tarts… all the important breakthroughs in human history.
  7. Finnish astronomer spent 12 years & thousands of hours to create the most complete picture of the Milky Way… EVER 1.7 gigapixels‼️My autdar’s going off… I smell a very SPECIAL interest…
  8. One of the Royal Navy’s most senior officers, “To be blunt, autism made me a better naval officer.”
  9. Amazing pix & stories of animals that battled back from extinction.
  10. What Shakespeare actually, really, probably, exactly looked like
  11. A man with autism asks future employers to ‘take a chance on me’ in a heartfelt, handwritten note
  12. “The future of housing” : California desert to get America’s first 3D-printed neighborhood.
  13. Holy Mirage, Batperson! Second vessel in two weeks appears to float above UK waters
  14. When does human consciousness develop? Some science suggests it may ALWAYS be there.
  15. Any chance freaking cool, but weird tardigrades could save us from Covid-19..?
  16. Hitler Family history of pathological narcissism… Or in America , average Redneckism. (From just found letters if Adolf’s father.)
  17. Misnamed Spirit Airlines kicks four-year-old autistic boy off flight for not wearing mask.
  18. Phil Collins being cool again….? Who saw that coming. Soundtrack to the Reagan years… Of course, who ever saw Ronnie Raygun looking pretty good in comparison to recent history…?
  19. For those who don’t know… Saying “But you don’t look autistic!”? More of an insult than you think
  20. Cases of caregiver abuse of autists are in the news daily. This one, of a nonspeaking 4 yo, is bad…

More great links from the week here.

More on Autusm & The Police topic here. And a Facebook group discussing this important topic.

Tips? Suggestions…? To the Editor

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