Share: An Autist Writes Their Mayor

"Autist Writing Letter," original digital illustraion, after Ver Meer.

I host a Facebook group, “Trigger Warning: Autism & the Police.”

I get moving private messages & notes… real life stories… frequently. 

This brave autist gave me permission to share theirs. 

If a city offers public human services… available to all… then they should certainly be availble to the neediest.

And if “professionals” feel someone is “too needy”… perhaps they are in the wrong profession.

At the very least, if there are limits to service availability, a government should make those limits clear and publicly available.

Raising the expectations of those in true danger… and then denying help when it is inconvenient… is not only cruel…

It is dangerous.

“I fear retaliation so please be careful and leave me anonymous and cut out the {personal} parts if you so share it. “

To the Mayor

Hi I am a disabled autistic 

Our fire department and police have zero training on autistics and neuro divergents

the firemen have triggered my ptsd so badly that I cant walk to {the store} for food or walk past the building

I haven’t left my house unless I have a ride cuz of this

…………. cuz of this ive lost a huge part of my routine and it has caused issues ………..

I have asked to meet and educate them and they have refused or made excuses everytime

I want to feel safe where I live and right now I don’t  

A police officer called me a few weeks ago to tell me that the police chief informed them to not respond to my calls and i was told that I cost the city too much money at 90$ a call for help this has put me in danger cuz I cant call anyone for help and now I only feel like a burden ……

I was calling to speak to police to calm down a meltdown and avoid a seizure cuz of firemen being a huge trigger for me the police calm me down in under 5 mins 

I used to have officer {Smith} officer {Jones} or officer {Johnson} to try to calm down and it worked but now I have no one to call …….

I spoke to my medical team case worker therapist and {others} and they informed me that the actions of the police to threaten me about calling them and saying I cost too much and no one will come if I call was illegal and wrong

I was also told my pronouns wouldn’t be respected unless its on my ID card …………..

As mayor I feel you need to be aware that some of the most marginalized disabled people in your community are being denied help and going through hell at the hands of first responders……….

please call me at your earliest convenience

I sent this today to my towns mayor …… to be clear I have severe ptsd and only about 3 officers aren’t assholes and know how to calm me down and so the other first responders trigger my ptsd

I used to be able to bring my razors from self harm to them now I cant so I risk a relapse as I have no safe person to give my blades to when I make them and dont use them

Firemen actually snap at me and are extremely insensitive and triggering them and a few cops have threatened with psych ward more then a few times illegally claiming a meltdown and needing help meant I couldn’t care for myself and needed to be sectioned

The police and fire use the excuse we have no training everytime

Medics have lied and said i have anxiety and bpd on route to hospital which I don’t so I was called a liar when I told them im autistic so its a real issue

Its crazy that an autistic has to tell a mayor and beg for training

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