AutisticAF Link Roundup 03/28/21: Autism, Politics, Pop Culture

Tips? Suggestions…? To the Editor

  1. It’s April…. Let’s talk #AutismAwareness… 75yo mother & MIDDLE-AGED autistic son found dead & decomposing in populated neighborhood… When questioned, neighbors said they hadn’t seen them for a month…? Please try to keep your autistic neighbors in your thoughts this April.
  2. Cern may have found a new force of nature…. Wouldn’t it be cool if they didn’t turn it into a weapon⚛️☢️💣🔫… First thing?
  3. Why do we not prosecute targeted violence and abuse of autists… and other disabled folks… As hate crimes…? #StopAutisticHate
  4. Autists… Need some inspiration this morning?
  5. How Long Can You Survive in Space Without a Suit?
  6. This article holds that there is no specific gene… or group of genes responsible for autism. Currently, experts have no gnenerally accepted theory for what causes autism. #opinion Without a cause, “treatment” is largely shooting blanks in the dark. I try to bear that in mind when considering professional advice.
  7. There’s Big Money in…. G-d.
  8. I am having trouble processing the sheer number of deaths of unattended AUTISTIC infants, toddlers, pre-school kids… Here’s today’s… Michigan. Drowned in ditch. Unattended for 40 minutes. 😡😢💔
  9. Video of two tornadoes converginglast week in Texas
  10. Disabled UK students in rural areas less likely to receive support services…. Particularly with “invisible disabilities” like autism.
  11. Sometimes it seems America just keeps getting uglier everyday…Vandalism aimed at Autists… and LGBTQIA.
  12. Many autists hit a concrete wall at puberty… Jr. & Sr. High can be nightmares.
  13. 10 scientific discoveries in 2020 that may lead to new inventions & technology….
  14. #Nerdgasm Stop what you are doing and watch amateur videos of “Meteor shower” over Washington and British Columbia

More great links from the week here.

More on Autism & The Police topic here. And a Facebook group discussing this important topic.

In case you missed them, recent articles on

Tips? Suggestions…? To the Editor

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