Sh*tpost: The “It’s-Not-a-#Disability-It’s-Society” Myth… Sucks.

"#AbleismKills," original parody illustration based on a famous Superman DC Comics panel. An illustration of a make supervillain, dressed in black, threatening Superman with green Kryptonite held in a briefcase.

I read a great discussion on the “It’s-not-a-#disability-it’s-a-product-of-modern-society”… this morning. For bonus points?

This time they zeroed in on #Capitalism.

They were discussing #ADHD. But the same #ableist argument pops in the #autistic community. Pissed me off. All over again.

Lemme tell you why…

In an nutshell, no nuance… They say #autism… or #ADHD… are not disabilities. It only seems like that in a world designed for “neurotypicals.” At least neurotypicals chained to Capitalism.

Maybe true. Could be…

I don’t give a shit.

Why? Because…

1. It’s not provable. No functioning society of #ActuallyAutistic or #ActuallyADHD folk exists. Anywhere. At any time.

And we CAN’T create generations of such a culture in a lab to test it. So it’s a utopian myth.

So is world socialism. Which I also believe. Marx told us it wouldn’t come without Class War. So far, history proves him right.

There’s less than 2% autists in the world population. Do the math.

How’s that fantasy war gonna go…?

2. Because this world? Only one I’ll ever live in.

I’m pushing 70. There’s no sign that such a community will exist before I die.

Or… before any friend… or grandchild… dies.

3. Even if we found a small autonomous group of tribal #neurodivergent folk?

They’ll depend on modern civilization to exist.

Which means dealing with the same civilization that I can’t function in. Or even communicate with.


4. We #neurodiverse folks ARE different. We DO have strengths other humans do not. And weaknesses that they DO…

To be honest… and brutally direct… I see no signs that all “leaders” of the #ActuallyAutistic community are free from… narcissism, greed, the hunger for power, or… delusion.

I’ve seen more than one #neurodivergent individual try to unite us… around their damaged personality.

Imagine an #Autistic Trump leading us?

Many of us already know we’re easy prey for cults…

So, the whole “we’re-not-disabled-we’re-misunderstood” theory is hurtful.

Far as I know? The overwhelming majority of #autisticadults can’t survive without external support. Including those of us with “high-functioning” labels… In fact, requiring support is part of a formal #ASD diagnosis.

That’s WHY our average lifespan is 53 (or as low as 38, in one study I saw). You know… DECADES shorter than non-disabled folks.

In the end, the whole “secret-superpower” myth is just another yardstick to measure our failure. @GretaThunberg IS a legitimate hero. Do YOU have HER parents…?

So I refuse to take part in this mythical discussion.

I focus on #AutisticJoy… and compassion for the human in front of me.

Right now.

With a tad left over. For the next sentient being who passes by.

That’s all the spoons I got.

At least…. This lifetime.

Here’s the EXCELLENT tweet thread that got me thinking…

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