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How to Stop Worrying & Be #ActuallyAutistic on Facebook

I have difficulty communicating… back & forth in a written conversation. Just as much, maybe worse, as I do face to face…

I’m in a great conversation on Facebook with a Trump supporter who is making me think.

Love it.

But that’s NOT the way it usually goes. It usually ends up in insults, mockery, frustration, anger, hurt feelings… and the ultimate weapon…


SO, I need to try something different…

Let me explain something that enuff folks have asked me about…

And I’ve had troubling finding words for.

I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, yada, yada to debate…

I have difficulty communicating… back & forth in a written conversation. Just as much, maybe worse, as I do face to face…


So, generally…

  • I do not try to convince anybody of anything (which I don’t believe in any way),
  • nor do I try to debate.

I’m not good at that…. um, those.

Not the least problems are I tend to hurt feelings or to sound condescending (when these are the last things I would mean to do because I genuinely love people)…

So, Facebook/Twitter?

Mostly I just share my opinions, thoughts, music, life experience…

And not discuss it much.

I’ll try to discuss Trump… or whomever… with you…

But I might have to drop out quickly.

Others are more gifted at influencing and convincing folks.

It’s just not my gift.

I just want a community of folks I’m comfortable hanging with.

And who like hanging with me.

Whoever they are.

Wherever they live.

Whatever they believe.

Whoever they screw…



And talk about the things we’re interested in.

I don’t believe I personally can save the planet.

But maybe friendship can.

Support #ActuallyAutistic artists, musicians, writers…

Like, Share, or Comment, so search engines share more autistic voices!

By johnnyprofane1

Live. Laff. Love. Rebel...

Pretend Rock Star... Cuz it's ALL cosplay.

I have no credentials to offer. At least none that matter anymore to me.

So I offer my life.

It's all I have to give.



#ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics #AutisticElder #AutisticSurvivor #AutisticJoy #Neurodiverse #Neurodivergent

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