Special Interests? Autistic Passion Ain’t Cute & Cuddly

There is undeniable beauty in autistic intensity…

A beauty scarred by “medical” terms like “highly restricted” or “fixated.”

Even the polite, correct special interests reeks of concerned condescension. Like a politically correct mask for obsession.

Because language ABOUT #Autism is controlled by ableists…

  • medical professionals, yes, but ableists who worship at the altar of Normalcy to the max…
  • so, psychology presents actually autistic differences, even strengths…

As pathologies.

Call em autistic “Special Interests”…? Ya get, cute & cuddly. You know, dinosaur trading cards & Trekkie uniforms.

Call em autistic “Passions”…? Powerful. Maybe even threatening. That unique intelligence that gave us Albert Einstein, W.H. Auden, H.P. Lovecraft, Glenn Gould…

Ya know, Dan Ackroyd… Andy Kaufman…

AND… Alphabetized CD collections, dinosaur cards & Trekkie uniforms.

Cuz the issue isn’t age, sophistication, or IQ. Actually autistic folk come in pretty much the same IQ range as neurotypical humans… just as many low, just as many high.

Same age ranges too. We just die a lot younger on average…

But intensity…? We got that covered like stink on shiznit.

But say, who wants to live without passion?

Show of hands….?

What’s worth doing without…




Jes sayin.

Autistic passion is a thing of beauty…


Support #ActuallyAutistic artists, musicians, writers…

Like, Share, or Comment, so search engines share more autistic voices!

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