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Dear Autist: Forgiving Your Family? NOT a Cosmic Rule… (podcast)

Not forgiving your abusers does NOT mean you are a “bad autist.”

You are a survivor. (podcast w/transcript).

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Autistic folks? Sometimes we’ve got hurtful relationships with our families.

I meant to go a totally different way this week…

But you wrote me about worries you had. After last episode.

So I call episode 5 of Autistic As Fuck Out Loud…. “Dear Autist: Forgiving Your Family? NOT a Cosmic Rule…”

Real talk. Some tough.

But your messages give me hope… that you may find some comfort here.

And, perhaps share it… with someone you know… who cares.

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Transcript here.

Part 3 of a series on Sexual Assault & Autism.

Maybe you noticed. A lotta Autistic AF Out Loud episodes? Come straight from messages from folks like you.

Keep em coming.

A special shout out to Twitter friend Night Rain for her input on sound quality. She’s a 25-year-old autistic artist. Check her out.

Each episode, I answer one personal question. Here we go:

Yes, my wife and I live separately. Near each other. But it’s hard for me to maintain independent action around other humans. I lose focus. And tire easily. It takes so much energy for me to communicate in real-time.

So I spend the majority of my time alone. As much as I love Kimmie’s company.

Another short episode in the next few days, “Autistic Masking as Performance Art.”

Wanna know more? Check out my posts, paintings, poems, music, and politics at

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2 replies on “Dear Autist: Forgiving Your Family? NOT a Cosmic Rule… (podcast)”

What a terrible therapist. She betrayed your trust by trying to push the evolution of your feelings in a direction no one has any right to expect you to pursue.

Christianity has a forgiveness fetish, which has contaminated our whole culture with its sanctimonious demands. Very convenient for abusers, but it adds to the abuse by shoving aside the legitimate anger of victims.

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Thank you.

Please… everybody, I cannot recommend infidel753’s blog enough. Clear thinker… even when I disagree.

@Infidel753, I wish I had some of your cognitive skills… and writing. You state the unwritten topic sentence.

I am apparently the ADHD/autism subtype of ASD. I think in emotions, images, metaphors, stories… much less words & symbols.

I swim up through the sensory details… to struggle toward the point.

We sometimes are either co-morbid with… or mistaken for … schizophrenics or bipolars.

Here’s the topic sentence. There are a number of subtypes. I’m stereotypical of the Arty type.

While there is great overlap, the STEM subtype may not recognize a great deal of my experiences.

I need to write on this.


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