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Autism in Art — Gallery: “Remember,” Autists & Violence

I’ve been working on a long-term project. A series of portraits of autists who experienced violence at the hands of the police, strangers, friends… family.

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“The Cavalry NEVER Comes”: Sexual Assault & An Autistic Life, Part 2

You can help your autistic loved ones feel safer from sexual abuse & assault…

It starts with honesty about yourself… and them.

Autism Sexual Abuse & Assault

“Not Everyone Was My Friend”: Sexual Assault & An Autistic Life, Part 1

Discussing sexual abuse & assault of autistic children… is difficult for survivors, loved ones, caretakers…

Maybe that’s precisely why we need to talk about it.

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Dear Autist: Forgiving Your Family? NOT a Cosmic Rule…

Forgiving abusers… as much as SOME therapists, pop psychologists, and self-help gurus insist on it…

Is NOT a Cosmic Rule.