Trailer: Let’s Explore #AutisticJoy… Together.

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Portland Nights: Dark digital illustration from Portland protests, in graphic novel-influenced style.

My Remarks for UN World Autism Awareness Day

I was honored to be invited to speak on autism & art as a panel member for UNWAAD this year, April 2. Preparing for this panel made me look deep. So I thought I’d share my speaking script with you…

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“Ceci n’est pas une joie autistitique,” original digital illustration by the author.

Every so often… I gotta jog your elbow…

Do you enjoy #AutisticAF? Do you want to support an #ActuallyAutistic elder who creates content for free? If so, please consider leaving a tip at https://ko-fi.com/autisticaf. Every little bit helps me keep sharing my #AutisticJoy with you. Thank you! 🙏 Like Buddha I’m a Beg-a-tarian holding out my bowl… #AutisticAdults #ADHD #AskingAutistics #AutisticElder #thankyou

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Playing Music 2/21 Bloomington, In

How does an #ActuallyAutistic 70-yo play guitar? If you’re near #Bloomington In TMW night, I’ll try to show y’uns… If I remember. We haven’t played out in some years… Kimmie & I hitting Blockhouse Bar sometime around 7pm… Mebbe Livestream a bit.

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This Week In Autism: NEW newsletter

I LOVE food. I tend toward my thrill-seeking ADHD side… new, spicy, bold impact. And as you might imagine, there’s also my Autistic side… detailed, just-so, and picky about certain tastes and textures.

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2 responses to “#AutisticAF”

  1. Hey. Im autistic af to and glad I found your content!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And Tanya… I’m glad I met you! It tickles me no end when I connect with someone! Keep in touch.


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