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Autism & Love…

Big topic.

Let’s try talking…

may not be all that you need...
Love may not be all that you need.
But it should be the least that you ask. Because you deserve it without asking.

Discuss among yourselves….

Let’s have a conversation. I find that difficult…

Be real.

Just don’t be evil….

In the comments below.

By johnnyprofane1

Live. Laff. Love. Rebel...

Pretend Rock Star... Cuz it's ALL cosplay.

I have no credentials to offer. At least none that matter anymore to me.

So I offer my life.

It's all I have to give.



#ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics #AutisticElder #AutisticSurvivor #AutisticJoy #Neurodiverse #Neurodivergent

3 replies on “Autism & Love…”

When they told us, ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ and life will be hunky-dory…I took the bait.
Now, I call bullshit.
‘Being loved’ is the fuel of life.


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